3 Minute Gaps Film Released with Music from Brady

3 Minute Gaps is a film that follows the world’s best mountain bike racers as they compete in various locales around the globe.  The film includes music from Rob Zombie, Jackalope, Shiny Toy Guns, and Brady Ellis – who says it was an honor to have three of his songs included. Brady’s tracks heard in this clip amplify the excitement of the sport.

Trivago Campaign Brings Brady’s Music to Europe

Trivago, the European version of Travelocity, was looking for some whimsical music to accompany their ad campaigns. Brady composed the track heard here to enhance the lively nature of this commercial. The Trivago campaign aired throughout Europe.

Transformers 3 Featurette Includes Music by Brady Ellis

The riveting base-jumping sequence from Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon is detailed in this short featurette. The amazing stunt is intensified by Brady’s action-packed soundtrack.


Walt Disney Space Buddies Trailer

Disney goes over the moon with talking dogs in space and this fun, cosmic score by Brady Ellis will have you soaring above the stratosphere on an epic family fun ride. Whether it’s Apollo-13 or K-9 this adventurous friendly score holds it own.